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D Laer Consulting


D Laer is a product and service design consulting company. Their goal was to redesign their website to   increase leads and revenue. In order to understand which areas of the website design to focus on, activities such as research and usability studies of the existing site took place. The following key issues with the site were realised:


  1. Confusion about the services offered.

  2. Poor usability.

  3. Unclear brand identity.

My role

I was commissioned to redesign of the website in the timeframe of a week. Following this initial design another iteration of the design will follow in the next few months based on the behaviour of the site.


Design process

The design process involved various methods such as creating inspiration mood boards with the client, wireframing, competitor analysis, examining web analytics, and usability testing of lo-fi prototypes. 


Following the redesign, D Laer's leads multiplied by 7x and the average sessions increased by 250%. They were very happy with the work done, due to this I was commissioned to do a further re-design following monitoring of the site analytics and customer feedback. Below is an image of before and after the redesign.

BeforeAfterMockups png-01.png
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