How might we… promote and sustain healthy behaviour in Adolescents?

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From identifying emerging needs and future trends, developed a digital preventative healthcare service for 2040 that gives adolescents ownership of their health. An avatar ‘friend’ shaped/informed by ubiquitous data sources, guides and encourages users to build healthy habits via proactive ‘nudges’ and social interactions. Gamification and a community aspect will be incorporated to incentivise adoption.


There are four main reasons why this service should exist.

1. Non-communicable diseases (influenced by modifiable behaviours), such as obesity and diabetes, are now the leading causes of disease globally and account for 63% of all deaths worldwide.

2. The increased pressure on health services brought about by these rises is being exacerbated by a global shortage of healthcare workers.

3. A preventative approach to healthcare has the potential to reduce costs, but there has been little investment in this area.

4. Evidence suggests that health ownership initiates in adolescence. Illustrating an opportunity to make an early impact on health habits.

System Diagram storyboard-01.png


Methods included futures trend mapping using STEEPV, alphabet brainstorming ideation exercises, focus groups, co-creation sessions, card sorting, low fidelity digital prototyping, storyboarding and more.


This was a team effort, I organised and executed user research activities such as card sorting sessions and in-person interviews. My main contribution was in the user research and translating insights, as well as aiding work during the ideation and prototyping stages. 




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