How might we... educate kids and parents on the dangers of social media in an enjoyable way?

User Centric Design - UX Design - Design Research - Education Design



Online Offline is a digital-hybrid tabletop game for families about the dangers of social media. This game is designed to start conversations between parents and children about the social media and to give them an updating education on social media (and its dangers). The game was developed following rigorous user research. The website for Online Offline including how to play can be found at 


My role in this team is the Chief Experience Officer, I am involved in making sure the game meets the needs of the users as well as this I maintain the communication channels for our customers. This role involved executing desk research as well as executing focus groups and play-testing sessions, then synthesising the findings into design improvements.


Packaging for Online-Offline


The internet is a minefield, it presents issues surrounding data privacy, trolls, fake news, mental health and profiling. Children are particularly vulnerable exploring the internet, due to their naivety. Unfortunately a majority of parents have limited understanding of the dangers of the internet and find it hard to initiate conversations about it with their kids. Instead they turn to control methods which deteriorates family relations and removes opportunity for their children to gain autonomy which is crucial for child development.


The design process involved user-centric methods such as in-context interviews, focus groups, play-testing sessions. As well as low fidelity prototyping, desk research and creative methods such as 're-skinning' existing games.


The rigorous user centric design process allowed us to create a novel enjoyable way to educate both parents and kids. As one of the first games to educate families on the dangers of the internet through digital-physical game play, this game could mitigate the negative impact of the social media on children and their development. As well as promoting conversations in families about these issues, ultimately promoting healthy family relationships. 



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